Pass the tissues, please.

The Polar Express (film)

I returned home from Sunday afternoon errands today and decided to sit for a moment to relax before preparing dinner.

I clicked the tv on and found Polar Express playing.  Ah, just what I needed.  Though we own both the book and movie, I sunk back into my chair to enjoy it for maybe the 2ooth time.

Thanks a lot, Polar Express.  Now I can’t breathe through my already slightly stuffy nose and my eyes are swollen.  Hope I don’t injure myself trying to cut onions for dinner!

This movie gets me every time.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?  Anyone else need to wipe away tears during Polar Express?

5 thoughts on “Pass the tissues, please.

  1. I have never seen Polar Express but now I think it is a must.

    The two movies I must watch every year before Christmas are:

    -Love Actually

    -The Family Stone. I just love the family dynamics and seeing them all come home for Christmas, and yes, I do cry every time I watch it.

    1. I love Love Actually. Cry in that one, too. 🙂 And the Family Stone? Oh my word. I can’t watch it anymore–it is sobbing and wailing, snotting and sniffling, and I get too dang depressed! How do you handle it?
      Polar Express can be a little..well, eerie? Just a warning. Regardless, I adore it. I hope you enjoy it, Abby!

  2. I’ve never seen Polar Express and am not usually into Christmas movies unless it’s a comedy like Four Christmases or Home Alone; however, this year I got sucked into the Hallmark Channel movies, even the really cheesy ones!

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