Reason #528 to love Trader Joe’s

I love Trader Joe’s for oh-so-many reasons.  Besides quality products at a great price, they also carry items I just don’t see at the grocery store.  Not to mention the array of international products that catch my eye when I walk down their crowded aisles (note to TJ’s:  If you made your stores just a liiiiittle bit larger, I’d be an even happier customer).  My wallet isn’t nearly as pleased as I am when I hit TJ’s on a day when I spy dozens of new items.  Oh wallet, chill out.  It’ll be okay.

In November I saw this precious kit and had to have it for Munchie.

I mean, come on now.  Made in Germany (I’m a sucker for food and toys made in Germany).  Lederhosen.  Maybe not lederhosen, but I’m pretending!  Had to have it and she had a ball with daddy assembling it.

What will I find at TJ’s next week?  Don’t know.  But chances are you’ll hear me raving about it.

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