Easy Valentine Kid Craft

Here is a fun and easy craft my little girl did today.  So simple that I didn’t have to do anything except prep supplies (love that).

All you need is tissue paper (I used pink, red, white, and fuchsia) cut into squares, Elmer’s glue, and a sheet of paper.  Draw a heart in pencil on the paper.  Spread the glue all over the heart.  When I taught elementary school the kiddos would place a square of tissue on the eraser top of a pencil and then press it down on the glue.  Since my girl is 3, I decided it best to have her scrunch the paper and press it down on the glue instead.

Hard at work while I cleaned up the kitchen after lunch.

And voilà!  Her tissue paper Valentine’s Heart Art.  I asked her who she would gift it to and after a few seconds of thought she said it was for me.  Sniff.  I’ll take it:)

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