Week #9 Organized Home Challenge: Create Address Book & Organize Contact Information

Oh man, it’s already week 9 of Home Storage Solutions 101′s Organized Home Challenge.  Are we 9 weeks into 2012 already?!

Time to create a simple address book and organize all contact information.  Whether you have information on your phone or keep an address book in your home office, it should be up to date, accurate, and complete.   I am one of those people who doesn’t like to put addresses and such in my phone.   I like to write things down.  I like to turn pages and make little notes next to the names like ” favorite dessert–pineapple upside down cake.”  So I’ll stick with updating my address book and business card file.  Yes, business card file–anyone else still have one of those?

No matter how you organize your contact information, this challenge is a small yet important one:  no more last-minute, panicked digging through junk drawers for that phone number you scribbled on an atm receipt and swore you wouldn’t lose –get your paper, electronic, or hybrid method figured out and get to it!


  1. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Write it down. ;)

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