My gift has arrived…


Real squealing!  Real glee!

My dear, dear husband got me a freezer for my birthday, but it arrived today!  Oh, how I’ve dreamed of a freezer for the garage.  Yes, these are the types of dreams I have.  I’ve actually had dreams about an upright freezer.  Nothing could be better (not even the perfect jeans I finally found yesterday)!

Oh yes, my mind is reeling with the possibilities.  And my husband is already shaking his head at me.  What?  This is big.  Imagine my freezer cooking sessions now.  Imagine!

 And the heavens opened and the angels sang…

Okay, now this is starting to feel like freezer porn.  I’m just so thankful and grateful for this gift and beyond excited to begin organizing the house freezer (now I can really finish that organize fridge/freezer challenge!) which is too darn small and awkwardly designed to accommodate freezer cooking, grocery/meat sales, etc.  Thank you, understanding husband!

13 thoughts on “My gift has arrived…

  1. I wanted to be the first to post!

    How AWESOME for you : )

    It was a few yrs back now that I got mine & it is no where near as big as that.

    Actually went to our new Costco store that opened a few weeks ago & hubby was enthralled when he saw them.. & my B’day is coming up soon too. I just might be in luck : )


    1. Thank you! I can’t fall asleep because I’m so excited to fill it in the morning:) Do you love having one? And I laughed at you and your husband in Costco…I was staring at one in Costco for a few weeks! Be sure to drop the hints to your hubby…the not-so-subtle hints! Keep me posted!

      1. I finally got mine mainly because my eldest is a type 1 diabetic & he eats soo much bread as his staple carb..I will definitely be hinting to hubby make no mistake about that! : )

  2. I completely understand your excitement. We bought a chest freezer last year and I no longer have to worry about how much frozen food I can buy, or how much I can cook to freeze. There is plenty of room for freezer jam and veggies from the garden. Aaahhh! Bliss indeed!

  3. I literally want to do cart wheels for you but will you settle for a “wohoo!”? You must be over the moon! If I ever host Thanksgiving, will you let me store a turkey in there like my mom used to do to our neighbor?? J/K 🙂 Way to go, hubs!

    1. hahaha! But of course! My freezer is your freezer 🙂 Mi freezer es su freezer…or something like that:) Thank you for the excitement…now you can really watch me go food crazy in the hood. xx

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