Week #22 Organized Home Challenge: Dining Room Organization

It’s back already–the next challenge.  I think this one might be an easy one for most folks: the dining room and other eating areas in your home such as a breakfast nook or kitchen eating area/table.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with this challenge.  Yippee skippy!

If you use your dining room or kitchen table for other activities like crafts, homework hour, or a home office you might consider working on decluttering and organizing these spaces/areas.  And as much as it’s great to use these areas for various activities, this challenge is the perfect time to make sure it’s also set up for eating–Are you using it for its true purpose?  Gathering the family around the table for meals.  A special time to connect, laugh, & make memories.

Hope this is a simple challenge for all!  Let me know how you’re doing on the challenges?  I could use some motivation!


  1. My dining room is an overflow space — we eat there when we have large groups, which is not that often. I guess it’s like a big decoration most of the time!

  2. We never eat at a dining table, I feel as though the dining table will be used for homework in the future. Who knows :)

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