Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

My husband loves himself a French dip sandwich.  Loves.  I’ve wanted to try making it in the slow cooker and yesterday I finally tested it out.  It was a hit!  I basically winged it, worked with what I had on hand.  Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.

I started with a nice chuck roast.  Why?  Because chuck roast is my friend.  I get them at Costco where they’re good quality and come 2 in a pack.  One for now, one for later.

I salt and peppered the meat lightly, sprinkled a bit of garlic powder on it, then splashed Worcestershire on it.  I ♥ Worcestershire.  splish.  splash.

Next I combined a can each of beef consomme & French onion soup, bit of beef broth, minced garlic, herbes de Provence, and half a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  I poured this over the roast.  Ahhhh.  Popped the top on the slow cooker and let it cook on high for 2 hours and then turned it down to low for the next 4-5 hours.  With an hour left to cook, I took the meat out, sliced it up, and stuck it back in to suck up even more flavor.  Mmm.

I kept forgetting to take pictures (I was a little busy busy taste-testing).  But here’s what my sandwich looked like before I added even more meat to it. 🙂

Attempt at portion control: Fail.

I buttered the rolls, put slices of swiss cheese on them, and put them under the broiler on high for 2 minutes.  Watch them closely if you’ve never used your broiler before–they’ll burn right up in a flash.  The meat was so tender, moist, and flavorful.


Chomp.  My first bite. Gooooooood.

My husband loved the au jus (pour the sauce/juices from the pot into small bowls for each person) and said this is a keeper.  Yippee!  I love when I make something new and he enjoys it so much.  You can really add whatever you like to this, adjust it to your family’s tastes.  I was tempted to make mine a little Philly style with bell peppers and onions, but then decided I’d prefer to keep it more French dippy. 😉

Hope you try it and let me know if you enjoy it as much as we did!

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Slow Cooker
Serves: 4
  • •3.5-4 lb. chuck roast
  • •salt & pepper
  • •1-2 tsps. garlic powder
  • •1-2 tbsps. Worcestershire sauce (I used almost 3)
  • • 10.5 ounce can beef consomme
  • •10.5 can French onion soup
  • •1 cup beef broth
  • •6 ounces Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (or whatever dark beer you have on hand. Red wine would work well, too)
  • •2 cloves garlic, minced
  • •1-2 tsps. herbes de Provence (or fresh rosemary would be lovely)
  • •French rolls (whatever you prefer)
  • •butter
  • •sliced Swiss cheese or Provolone
  1. Place chuck roast in slow cooker. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Splash Worcestershire on meat. Mix the beef consomme, French onion soup, broth, beer, garlic, and herbes de Provence. Pour over the roast. Cook on high setting for 2 hours then cook on low for another 4-5 hours till meat is very tender. With one hour left to cook, remove meat from slow cooker, slice, and return to slow cooker for another hour. Butter inside of rolls and place 1 or 2 slices of cheese on bread. Place rolls on baking sheet (open) and broil for just a couple of minutes till bread begins to lightly toast & brown and cheese melts. Place roast on rolls. Serve with au jus from slow cooker in small bowls on the side. Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

  1. I LOVE friench dips!! I am going to try this! Looks scrumptious! Thanks for taking the guess work out of it for me. I have always been intimidated to try myself xoxo

  2. I LOVE French Dips! Always have! These are making my mouth water! You otta freeze the left over au jus for a little.. left over french dips!! 🙂 I can not wait to try these!

  3. Wow! This one looks so good! It makes me more curious because you added wine in it. Would love to try experimenting with your recipe.

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