Our Menu (Week of June 10, 2012)

Whew, it was a bit of a crazy week with the last week of preschool and other activities.  I’m looking forward to a week of summer fun with my Munchie.  Some of that fun will be had in the kitchen together.  🙂

Here’s what’s on our menu this week:


  • Blueberry coffee cake, mangoes, milk x 2
  • Soft-boiled eggs, toast, melon
  • Sausage egg cheese sandwiches on english muffin bread, watermelon
  • Oatmeal with dried cherries & flax, o.j.
  • Cereal, fruit salad, o.j.
  • Baked apples, english muffin bread toast, o.j.


  • Quesadillas, refried beans, fruit
  • P.b and jelly, fruit salad
  • Taiwanese noodle bowl
  • Under the Sea theme lunch (Munchie’s request)
  • Lunch out
  • Leftovers x 2 plus fruit


  • Lemon chicken, twice-baked potatoes, roasted zucchini, salad
  • Crispy baked pork chops, corn on the cob, roasted cauliflower
  • Baked herbed salmon, couscous with veggies, green beans
  • Chicken puffs, tossed salad, sauteed broccoli (carry over from last week)
  • Sundried tomato & mushroom & spinach pasta, garlic bread, roasted crookneck squash
  • Slow cooker garlic chicken, rice, sauteed broccoli
  • Leftovers Night


  • White nectarines (yuuuum), mangoes (double yuuuuum), watermelon, raspberries, blueberries, apples
  • Greek yogurt & crunchies (like crackers, popcorn, etc.)
  • Chocolate banana bread & English muffin bread

Freezer Cooking & DIY Session:  I don’t do a traditional once-a-month session, but generally choose 2 or 3 recipes. 

  • chocolate banana bread (didn’t get to it last week)

*For great menu ideas and plans, stop by Menu Plan Monday over at OrgJunkie. 

15 thoughts on “Our Menu (Week of June 10, 2012)

  1. The Crispy Baked Pork Chops recipe look really good. I will have to put this into my meal plan for this month. I am also looking forward to the chicken puffs recipe.

  2. Everything on your menu sounds so tasty!
    I MUST pick your brain – how do you soft boil your eggs? I try constantly with zero success and have concluded that I’m the queen of hard boiling that which is not meant to be hard boiled. The soft boiled stage forever eludes me!

    1. Hi Corrie, thanks so much for stopping by! The pressure! 🙂 I put the eggs in a saucepan and cover them with cold water. I bring them to a boil and then take them off the heat, cover, and let sit for about 2 minutes. Then stick in the egg cup and eat up (with a little s&p for me)! There might be a better way (I’m guessing there IS a better way), but this is the only way I do it. Hope that helps! I love hardboiled eggs, too. Sometimes I forget them on the stove and end up with hardboiled. Ah well…chomp chomp chomp anyhow:)

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