Summer Series: Doggie Street Festival

Even though Munchie was only in preschool 3.5 hours, 2 days a week , it feels a bit odd that the school year is over.  I think I miss school/her teachers as much as she does.  So we’re diving into summer like she just finished 10th grade and needs a break from finals. 🙂  Here’s a peek at #5 on our 102 Things To Do This Summer list.

#5 Attend the local Doggie Street Festival:

Yes, I wanted to take them home.  Yes, my little girl wanted to take them home. It’s not wise to fall in love with pups who need homes when you know you’re not going to take them home.  My heart hurt.  But this was my Munchie’s idea of heaven.

This St. Bernard is only 4 months old.  Yikes!  Munchie named him Beethoven of course.

This is the little full-grown dog I decided we were taking home with us.  After a hearty laugh, my husband said no because that morning I’d said, “Do NOT let me get another dog at the festival.” I’m bitter nonetheless.

She loves every dog in the world.  Every. Dog.

 It was not easy putting these pups back.  She seemed afflicted with a heavy heart as well.

Oh my goodness.  I needed that puppy.

Ah, too stinkin’ cute, right?  They had dozens of dogs up for adoption.  I hate seeing those pups without a good home, but I’m guessing many of them found homes that day.

I needed to distract myself from the sad pup eyes.  Of course, I’m always on the lookout for deals and steals so I made like I was in Costco and got my loot.

A bit of doggie festival swag.  Someone ate the rest not pictured. 🙂  And there was a bone-shaped cookie cutter in that paw print baggie.  Score!  I’d been wanting one for homemade dog biscuits! 

Despite the fact I was so hungry I nearly bit my husband’s head off at one point (for nutritional purposes), we had a lovely afternoon at the festival.  We topped it off with lunch at one of our fave spots and called it a successful summer day. 🙂

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