Summer Series: Scottish Festival & a mini-road trip

Summer is flying by for us as we work our way through our 102 Things To Do This Summer List.  Here’s a little update.

#18 Attend the Scottish Highland Games

Sunday we spent the day at the local annual Scottish Highland Games.  I don’t think I have even a smidge of Scottish in my blood, but who cares?  I don’t! 🙂

Let the games begin!

I believe she’s a natural.  I’m just saying.

Of course I always find the food area at festivals.  I have food-area radar.

I love the sheep dog trials.  I feel bad when the sheep escape the dogs.  But then I’m guessing they don’t really care.  They’re just running around, showing off, having fun.  Kinda like Munchie.

What is he throwing in this athletic event?  I don’t know.  Stone throw?  Pound weight?  I heard those terms tossed around, but wasn’t paying much attention.  I was shielding my child in case these “athletes” weren’t as talented as they thought.

Plus, I saw a food tent in the distance.

Loved these gents.  Or clansmen.  I stopped for pictures with them, but I was already a sweaty mess and am sparing you that photo.  You’re welcome.

Cuteness. The sign for the tea tent.  I was too darn hot to sit in there and enjoy tea & scones though.  🙁  And I noticed my husband pretended not to notice when I stopped in front of the tent.  Just kept on moving.

Yea, Husband.  I saw that.

Getting a ride with Keeley.  Where’s my wagon?

Viewing a little piping and drumming from a hilltop with a breeze…ahhh.

I feel I missed my calling to play the pipes and wear a cute kilt.  Surely the kilt pattern is a factor when deciding which band to join, right?  I liked the kilt these teens rocked.  I’d join their band.

Of course I couldn’t leave without purchasing something my belly would (or wouldn’t?) thank me for…

Baking toffee!  Yes, I do need some even though I didn’t know it until I sampled it.  The adorable couple who make it came all the way from Fiddletown.  I want to live in a town with a name like that!

#31 Go on a road trip

On Saturday we took a wee road trip to celebrate the 1st birthday of a sweet baby boy.  We have much longer road trips ahead this summer, but this one was special. 🙂

Sweet E and his beautiful mama Katy.  Happy birthday, cutie pie!

Munchie only had eyes for our friend “Uncle Joey.”  Apparently he is moving in with us and will “be good and do his chores before they play football all day.”

“This is how you kick with Pi-ZAZZ!”  If she is anything like me, that’s what she was saying in her head.

Jim and his birthday boy…ready for a nap after partying hard.  🙂

A good weekend.  Have you attended any local festivals?  Do you have summer road trip plans?

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