Repurpose Love

Sometimes I buy things like this:

So I can use them for something like this:

I love cute food containers so I can repurpose them.  It makes me feel like I really got my money’s worth, too.  So when I stop at a certain market in town, I convince myself that I need a bit o’ cream or half n’ half so I can have this perfect little flower jar for…free!  Hey, it feels free.

I get to consume delicious goods and decorate.  Win-win!

Do you enjoy repurposing things like I did this creamer jar?  What’s your favorite item to repurpose for your home?

22 thoughts on “Repurpose Love

  1. I save pint glass jars that once held corn relish or maybe tall skinny glass hard that held marinated mushrooms. I love having them on hand to fill with roses, greenery, and whatever else is blooming in my garden. I tie a little raffia ribbon around the jar and then I have the perfect hostess gift for bookclub gatherings and socials or to just bring to someone who could use a little joy…no container return required.

      1. Yes…and that was supposed to be skinny glass jar, not hard. 🙂 I have been on an organizing frenzy today…found some great makeup organizers at TJ Maxx and now I feel like I’m in the studio of a makeup artist when I’m in my bathroom. Of course, anything organizing makes me think I’m doing you proud!

  2. That is exactly how I am! I pretty much always re-purpose spaghetti jars. Clean them up, throw some vinegar and baking soda in it to get rid of that spaghetti smell, and bam, a new jar for pasta, beans, rice, etc.

    We also re-purpose coffee cans at my house. My little boy loves to use them to store his army men ☺.

    1. Oh! Why haven’t I done that with jars from spaghetti, etc?! That’s perfect instead of buying those giant glass jars from Target, etc. Thank you for the tip! I don’t have any coffee cans, but what a great idea–and can be a drum set, too! haha! Thanks for stopping in Angela!

  3. I love pretty, colorful tomato cans from Italy… when we have pasta sometimes I gather several on the table and fill with basil! Smells good too!

    1. That sounds beautiful…and expected from you. I bet you have lots more ideas I will eventually steal. Not that I haven’t already stolen ideas from you 🙂 Did you bring back any of the cans from Italy??? Or did they confiscate those, too!?

  4. I’m loving to re-purpose lately! It’s beautiful. Your home must be amazing!
    The last thing I repurposed the was the entertainment center turned play kitchen I made for my nieces (obviously a huge re-purpose) but doing fun simple things is a ton of fun too!! I love making my house a home with things that are around the house!

    1. Thanks Tabitha! Sadly, my home is not amazing, but I’m gonna pretend I didn’t tell you that 🙂 I have commitment issues when it comes to decor and furniture, etc so I choose to leave stuff bare (or keep what I have that I don’t care for) until I find just what I love. Your play kitchen was ADORABLE. I don’t even know if I could do that!

  5. Shootskies!! The kiddos had cereal downtown recently & the milk came in that EXACT bottle. I should have thrown them in my bag & ran like the wind!! That is why you are brilliant, dear friend.

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