Favorite Things Friday: You say tomato paste, I say “A whole can?”

I’m posting this a bit late in the day, but I’d like to introduce you to my new little series here at Cozycakes Cottage: Favorite Things Friday!

Just a quick and simple weekly post where I share some of my favorite things.  I welcome you to share YOUR current favorites, too–so that I can add more items to my “to buy”, “to make”, “to love” lists. 😉

Whaddya say, let’s get going!

My first Favorite Things Friday feature is something for the kitchen:

Yes, that’s tomato paste.  I go crazy and adore tomato paste?  Sorta.

Generally, when I need a bit of tomato paste I need just that–a bit, just a couple teaspoons or a tablespoon.  So I’m left with a bit in the can even when it’s a tiny can.  And I hate that.  Because although I menu plan most weeks and could plan around the entire can, I forget.  I’m then left with tomato paste that ends up going to waste and I do NOT like waste.  More than that, my Mama doesn’t like waste.

I can hear her each time I’m about to toss food that’s past its prime.  Something she would certainly find a use for before it went the way of rot.  “You’re throwing that away!?  Ohhhhh, Danielle.  Some people are so hungry.  Don’t be like those cooks on tv  who don’t get all the food out of the bowl!  I don’t like to see anyone WASTE food!”

Those non-scrapers of bowls on cooking shows chap her hide.  She cringes.  She furrows her brow.  And now I find I do the same thing.

Waste not, want not!

Which brings me to The Tomato Paste.  It does need capitalization.

Notice the shape?

A tube!  Squeeze out just what you need…

And put the top back on and refrigerate for ages until you need it again!  Genius!  Pure genius!

Crickets?  Am I the only one who loves this so very much?  Admittedly, I was late to the tomato-paste-in-a-tube party.  I only discovered it 3 or 4 years ago and I squealed with glee when I did.  Probably the Italians have had the tube version for a long time, those clever cookin’ folks.  But my regular grocery doesn’t carry it.  I found it at a small market and I hope they carry it forever.  Foreeeeeeeveeeeeeer!

It truly does make me happy and it’s definitely one of my Favorite Things.

What about you, dear friends?  Have you tried the tube o’ tomato paste?  And do please tell us about one of YOUR kitchen favorites!

And thanks for joining me at my first Favorite Things Friday!


36 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday: You say tomato paste, I say “A whole can?”

  1. I use tubed tomato paste. I have one in the fridge now hope its still good:-) CENTO canned San Marzano tomatoes to use in homemade tomsto sauce. Community shuffle board, yes it is fun and seriuos competition Ive been on the winning team for last four weeks…Yes there is money involved..;-)

  2. Oooohhh, I LOVE tube tomato paste! I haven’t been able to find any here though, and I’m not paying 10$ a tube at whole foods for it! But yes, it is an awesome invention.

  3. Well, I don’t think it comes as a surprise that I have NEVER HEARD OF THIS GENIUS CREATION!!! You should have heard me over here: only ever need a small amount? Yep. Hate that I never use what’s left? Uh-huh. Hate wasting food? Amen. I’m putting it on my Trader Joe’s list right now!

    Hmmm…my favorite things at the moment are the picture hanging strips from Command. As you know, I’ve been hanging art and pictures (for the last year it feels like) and I love when I don’t have to put a hole in the wall! It somehow feels less of a commitment! I’ve tried several different kinds and only had one bad experience…left me with a heart attack and a dent in the floor…but the frame and glass were spared!

    1. You make me laugh! I think you will find it at TJs if my sis found it at hers so WOO! I have wondered about those Command strips (and I made 40 holes in my walls a couple weeks ago…eeek)…I’m going to have to try those next! xxx

  4. You are absolutely adorable. Love this post & the whole Fave Things Friday concept!! Def gonna keep my eyes peeled for the Tube O’ Tom Paste at TJ’s 😉 My fave thing today is a super-cute Calvin Klein corduroy blazer I picked up at none other than COSTCO for less than $30! Go get one…or many.

  5. I hope my friendly Bel Air carries paste-in-a-tube. I usually freeze the remaining amount and then forget it’s there until months later when I wonder where’s my smallest plastic container?

  6. Just like the one (ok 6) I tried to smuggle back from Italy!! No dice. (No dice is Itialian for nice try lady!) I love squeezie tom paste! Smart! Glad they sell it here now so maybe they can finally take my picture down at the airport in Piza … 😉

      1. They hated me. They knew I was a dirty smuggler and they narrowed their beautiful dark eyes at me. Can’t blame a girl from trying! They were like 50 cents a tube!! Come on people!!!

  7. And….. (last post)) My other favorite thing is the parchment paper from Costco!! So affordable and lasts forev. I use it almost daily and the rool never seems to end! Nice work, Costco.

    1. I didn’t know Costco had Parchment!!! I feel like I don’t know Costco right now between this and the corduroy blazer Brandy speaks of…This calls for a major shopping trip. I hate the price of the weakling parchment at Target. It lasts me 2 seconds. Thank you, Jes!

  8. Love it! I recently found pesto paste in the tube as well and use now for veggies or sandwiches instead of regular butter or mayo.

  9. I tried to smuggle tubes of this home from Italy Contraband!! Happy its sold here now, maybe they will take down my wanted posters now. I’m with you! Hooray for the tube!

    1. Ooo, gotta try! Sorry this re-published and was sent out in emails again. Eek. But look at our comments from before…funny. 🙂

  10. Your mom, my mom…all the same! I love this idea — I tend to freeze my leftover canned paste and then forget about it, which is perfect if you’re looking to clutter up your freezer! Gonna post this on my FB page! 🙂

    1. haha! Love that your T mom says the same! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Sandi! Also, I think this re-published from a long time ago! ack!

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