Favorite Things Friday: A-tisket, a-tasket…I’m loving baskets

Happy Friday & welcome to my 2nd Favorite Things Friday!

Just a quick and simple weekly post where I share some of my favorite things.  I welcome you to share YOUR current favorites, too–so that I can add more items to my “to buy”, “to make”, “to love” lists. 😉

I’ve been cozying up my home, attempting to add little cottage touches here and there.  I recently made a few changes to our family room and my favorite addition?

My coffee table basket!  I intended to use it to corral clutter like t.v. remotes and the such.  But then it hit me–Ew.  I hate visible clutter.  And I purchased a new coffee table that has two drawers for such clutter–woo!  Now the basket is just for a few little pretties.

Right now the basket holds a little vanilla candle, French “creperie” coasters, a bit of greenery, a white metal candle holder which travels from room to room as my mood changes, decorative matches (love them!), and one of my favorite English mugs.  I love the flower in the inside of it.  I placed it there so I can see it daily as I lounge on the couch, read a book, work on the laptop…

To be honest, I originally bought this handled basket as a gift.  But I’m selfish and greedy.  So I kept it for myself.  (I did buy another basket for the gift.  I did!)

I also have other baskets in this room.  You can see a banana leaf one in the background of the first picture with the bee pillow on top of it.   Here’s a bad shot with it in the background.

It holds some of my daughters toys.  She loves having “a place for everything” just as I do, therefore, baskets are a wonderful organizational item for her as well.  Bonus: I don’t have to stare at the mess of toys.  Win-win!

Here’s another basket across the room filled with a few favorite items.  A darling vintage plate given to me by my husband’s grandma as well as a matching antique cream pitcher & sugar bowl.  Again, I can see them multiple times a day as I walk by and I don’t have to hide them away in a cupboard.

I’m in love with baskets.  I don’t mind if they’re not “matchy-matchy” (as my friend Jes says who is a decorating phenom).  I like it when they’re all a bit different.  It adds to the cottage feel I adore.  Plus, they’ve so many uses in each room of the house–how can you not love baskets?

And there you have one of my Favorite Things–Baskets!  Useful AND Lovely. 🙂

Are you a basket lover, too?  What’s your favorite use/room for them?  Please share in the comments below–I leave to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping in for Favorite Things Friday!


33 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday: A-tisket, a-tasket…I’m loving baskets

  1. SO CUTE! I just love it! I recently received a serving tray from Crate and Barrel that someone was just giving away and its brand new, its my new fun home accessory now to jazz it up like you! 🙂

  2. I have had great baskets but then the accumalate. I use one for shoes by the front door tucked under the coffee table out of way for footwear one wears
    frequently. One for pet toys. I have a cool african one that I love but havent found a good purpose for yet….

  3. I have lots of baskets…I use them to put all kinds of things in, from plants to magazines. I use them for storage, too, in closets and cupboards to keep things organized. Your coffee table basket is really nice!

  4. I love baskets, too! Years ago, I used to make tiny baskets from pine needles and raffia – just big enough for a pair of earrings or so. Your home looks so lovely, Cozy!

  5. I love baskets! There are unlimited uses for them. Yours look beautiful — mine are just filled with clutter. 🙁 Lately, I’ve been feeling the DIY home decor bug biting me and you have just given me even more inspiration.
    Oh yeah! And I’m almost done with the basket that I started making with a group of ladies from church! It’s so cute! I just have to finish the weaving on the bottom and then stain it. I will be sure to share pictures when it’s all done. 🙂

    1. Please DO share pics, Jen! I’ve never made a basket and it seems like such a fun hobby/activity. Oh and I have plenty of baskets filled with clutter. Perhaps those weren’t photographed for a reason….;)

      1. I thought of you a few minutes ago. I’m in my craft room, trying to clean (then why am I online??) and looked up and saw my growing collection of baskets on top of my Ikea shelves. Remember how nice and neat they looked soon after I got them?
        Yeah, well now I have 8 more baskets up there, donated by people from my church, because I thought we could make gift baskets for the bazaar. I had to find somewhere to put them!

        1. I’m supposed to be filing papers. And purging papers. And here I am. Hey, those baskets r there temporarily…so I say cut yourself some slack and eat a cupcake. Which, by the way, I will be baking in a few minutes instead of filing papers. (oops)

  6. I love baskets as well, don’t have too many for every day use. I tend to use them more when entertaining to hold food! LOL Love your use of them and the pretty items inside the baskets! Great post. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I am in LOVE with the bee pillow! Your place is beautiful! I love the baskets. What an A+ job you do with your blog, with your home and family. Thanks so much for sharing so expertly and joyfully!

    1. You kind thing, Tammy. Thank you for such a sweet comment. That bee pillow is a fairly new item in my home and I’ve been moving it around to find the perfect place for it 🙂 I think you NEED a bee pillow in your farmhouse 🙂

  8. LOVE baskets! I have them hanging from walls, piled on a hutch in my kitchen. They’re everywhere! They cozy up a home, don’t they?!! I also have the one you have that stores your antique cream pitcher and sugar bowl. Mine hangs in my dining room.
    I am showcasing my kitchen tour on Friday, you’ll see my obsession. Brilliant minds think alike!

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