A Cozycakes Christmas: My Organized Christmas (Day 11)

Welcome to A Cozycakes Christmas: My Organized Christmas Series! 

For the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll be posting about my Christmas organization which will include ideas, tips, printable lists and more.  You can read more about the series in detail here.  I want to thoroughly enjoy my favorite time of year and that means eliminating as much of the planning, hosting, & celebrating stress as possible.

*It’s Day 11 of the series and take a look back:  We are doing small tasks each day, but making great strides!  It’s almost time for us to sit back and enjoy Christmas without an abundance of stress and chaos.  Even if you feel behind on the tasks, don’t worry!  Complete them when you can, friends.  All your efforts count toward a more peaceful and enjoyable season.

Here are your tasks for Day 11:

  • Task 1:  Clean and declutter master bedroom:  Set the timer for 20 minutes and hit your bedroom:  Tidy up your dresser drawers, donating/tossing damaged, unworn, ill-fitting items.  Then address the top of your dresser and remove items that don’t belong here.  Place those items in their rightful homes.  Dust/wipe down the dresser.  Hit your nightstand and/or any other pieces of bedroom furniture next.  Again, remove items that don’t belong and put them back in their homes.  Dust/wipe down these pieces.  If you’re like me and do a lot of reading in bed, it’s possible you have magazines and books in your room.  Go through these and get rid of those you’re done with and that aren’t special to you.  Once you’ve tidied up and cleaned surfaces and mirrors, make your bed (or wash bedding if it’s time) and vacuum/mop.  Bedroom complete! *If you store items under your bed, you might take the time to purge and organize this area as well.  I have a tendency to shove magazines and cookbooks under my side of the bed…ahem.  🙂
  • Task 2:  Maintenance:  We’ve been cleaning, purging, and organizing, but how about making sure it’s not all for naught?  Today we begin our maintenance.  We’ll take 15 minutes each evening (or when it suits you best–I prefer evenings) to tidy up our homes.  Put dishes in the dishwasher, clear off and wipe down kitchen counters.  Pick up your living areas (I suggest using a basket to transport items to their homes): fluff pillows, fold throws/blankets, put toys away. Windex bathroom mirrors and wipe down bathroom counters.  Empty trash from rooms if needed.  Walk through bedrooms & other rooms, gathering dirty laundry and cleaning up stray papers, toys, etc.  Enlist your family and have them work on an area so you’re not the lone Maintainer :).  This 15 minutes may sound like a lot of work, but it’s really nothing.  Chances are you’re already doing this in your home.  The quick tidying makes a world of difference for me.  I love coming downstairs in the morning to an organized and clean space. 

We aren’t done with our decluttering, cleaning, and organizing, but I think starting maintenance now will help us begin December on the right foot.  Thanks for sticking with me and being an encouragement to me!  See you tomorrow. ♥

xx ~Danielle

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