Our Happy Hermit Day

Do you ever have those days when you just want to make like a hermit and stay inside, be out of touch with the world and in touch with the precious people living under your roof?  My friend Jes and I talk about being little hermits.  We love being at home all day.  Playing in the kitchen, reading books alone or with the little ones, crafting & creating, cozying up the home, cuddling on the couch with favorite movies.  Not leaving the house AT ALL.  Not for one thing.  I need one of these days at least once a month (ok, preferably more than once a month) or I start to feel a little crazy and crabby.

calendar and papers

Yesterday Munchie and I had such a day.  She didn’t have school so we stayed in our pjs until late morning.  I had some work to do on a craft fair I help organize each year so I sat at the kitchen table with piles of paperwork around me, a yummy homemade mocha coffee, and my favorite Gooseberry Patch appointment calendar on hand.  That poor calendar has seen better days.  While I worked, Munchie did puzzles, drew pictures for friends, and played with her many “pets” as seen in this photo.  That child loves animals.

munchies puppy bin with pigs

In between working (I did 20 minute shifts with 1 hour breaks so Munchie and I could hang out), we did our nails, futzed around the house and yard a bit, got buzzed (or as I like to call it, attacked) by hummingbirds because we were standing too close to the feeder (way to show your appreciation for the easy meal, birds!), completed a giant floor puzzle, practiced some of Munchie’s writing and math, and did a little more fall decorating.

halloween hanging decor

We read books together in my bed and while I closed my eyes (faux napping), Duke and Munchie played “pound puppies.”  This involved her rescuing him from the pound, giving him to me, then taking him back from me to give him to a “better home.”  What did I do wrong?  She told me I was closing my eyes and “not watching him popperly”.  oops.

easy stirfry

I kept dinner simple with a little ground beef and broccoli stir fry that Munchie loves over brown rice.  We enjoyed chocolate pie for dessert while we watched one of her favorite “buddies” movies.  Are you familiar with those movies?  They star Golden Retriever pups.  And I’ve seen them all.  Many times.  Many, many, maaaaany times.

That was our little hermit day.  Pretty boring to the outsider, but perfect for me.  The only thing that would’ve made it better?  Rain.  (hint, hint to the weatherman in the sky) **Do you love relaxed, do-nothing-and-enjoy-the-comforts-of-home days, too?**

♥ Danielle

6 thoughts on “Our Happy Hermit Day

    1. I bet you have such good hermit days with Little Brother around now. So special! And I know how blessed your little ones are to have you with them each day…:)

  1. Sounds A-MA-ZING! I definitely need these days, too! In fact, as I sat in Urgent Care this weekend with my daughter and listened to the doctor tell me I would have to keep her in the house for a whole week, I didn’t even flinch! I call them “reset” days…a chance to stay in, relax, get things done, and just reset before going back to reality. I think they are healthy and so happy that you allow yourself to have them. Of course I was also happy seeing the picture of Munchie’s stuffed animals/dogs 😉

    1. I’m so glad you were able to see the good in “stay in all week.” 🙂 I love it! But don’t love that she’s dealing with illness. Poor little sweetie. Oh Hahaha! Munchie loves those doggies so much. Just as much as she did the first day she met them. 😉 Maybe I’ll bring them to our dinner next week. LOL

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