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If you’ve followed Cozycakes Cottage for any amount of you time, you know I have a little girl who we call Munchie.  I mention her often–she fills my days with joy and amusing drama (really, she puts on variety shows for me daily).  And while I can’t resist talking about her, I also use this blog as a sort of memory keeper, baby book, journal, and scrapbook.

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While I like to share a bit here to connect with friends and family, I also prefer more private forms of communication when it comes to my child.  Some things aren’t meant to be broadcast and announced for public viewing.  Especially when it comes to our children.  Don’t we all like a bit of privacy and security when it comes to those angels?

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But let’s face it:  Sites like Facebook and Instagram make it easy for us to share.  Life is busy and moving quickly for all of us.  It’s undoubtedly difficult to keep in touch daily with all those we care about.  We want our family and friends to know what’s going on with our amazing children ( you know it’s true–your children are awesome 🙂 ).  We want to share all their special moments, make our loved ones feel like they’re right there with us.

So we use various forms of social media to share pictures, milestones, and anecdotes about our little ones’ days.  Days that are flying by quick as a wink.  Because grandma and grandpa don’t wanna miss a thing.

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Enter tinyUpdates.  A new product in development I think many of you will find beneficial and appreciate.  I’m excited about it!

tinyUpdates is a secure place where you can share everything from adorable photos to genius artwork to ballet recitals and soccer game schedules.  Share the day your little one loses his first tooth or the morning your 6th grader makes the debate team.  And share it with just those you invite to your private page.  No strangers or  “friends of friends” lurking around your special family moments.


Your page might look something like this.  I love that I can share my calendar while organizing my days: play dates, game schedules, doctor appointments, birthday parties, and more.  I know that Munchie’s grandma here in town likes to know her schedule so she can fill in her own calendar and join us at games and special events.

Bonus for me?  Nothing is lost in translation.  I don’t have to try to remember if I told if I told grandma that the soccer game time has changed.  And I can record milestones for my family across the country to enjoy that I might otherwise scribble on a Trader Joe’s receipt (which my husband will toss because it looks like trash…not that I’m accusing him or anything).  When I’m ready, I can refer to my tinyUpdates to fill in dates, events, and milestones when I’m working on Munchie’s scrapbooks.  Win-win!


You can invite whoever you like to view your “stories.”  You also get to choose which stories your guests get to view.  And they (and you) can see it all from a cell phone with a tinyUpdates mobile app.  tinyUpdates understands that we’re all on-the-go and offers us the convenience of having access to Junior’s precious moments from the palm of our hands.

Another handy feature with tinyUpdates?  It’s interactive.  Your family and friends can comment (i.e. gush) when they see and read that Susie took her first steps or 8-year old Sally cooked dinner for the family on her own.  And only you and they can see those personal conversations.

mobile_iPadWhile tinyUpdates is currently in development, as mentioned above, they’re eager to get feedback from people like you in order to enhance and perfect the product before its launch.   I invite you to the tinyUpdates website to take a brief survey which will assist them in offering you the best product as possible.  Your opinions and thoughts are highly valued and, as a thank you, you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to buybuy Baby.

I look forward to the launch of tinyUpdates and thank you for taking the time to take the survey (hope you win that gift card!)!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this blog post.  I spoke with a tinyUpdates founder/developer about the product.  I chose to share about a product many of you might be interested in. 

I love your comments and read them all.