Rain days, birth days

Cozycakes Cottage: Rainy Day

You know how obsessed I’ve been with the weather.  Wishing for rainy days.  Not just because we need it, but because, for me, they’re the best days.  Last week into the weekend we were gifted with three days of rain.  My kind of paradise.

Cozycakes Cottage: Flower pot rainy day

I had one of those three days to myself (sometimes those are just what the soul needs…me time) and spent a good amount of the day watching reliable movie favorites plus a new spooky show that had me checking closets.  Checking for what?  Not sure.  But something dangerous and creepy.  The coast was clear.

We stuck close to home mostly.  Fussed about the house.  Sat by the fire.  Ate comfort food.  I peeked out the windows a lot to check on the flowers I’d only planted a few days before the rainstorm hit.  They were A-Okay.  Soil sloshed out of a bunch of my pots, but that was the extent of the damage.  However, yesterday I noticed a misfit rabbit dines on my Johnny-jump-ups at night.  How dare!  Ah well, maybe they’re his favorite.

Cozycakes Cottage: Goldenrod Bake

Sometimes I wonder how my husband and I connected.  I’m incredibly content staying at home for days on end.  He gets restless and needs to get out and explore the world.  I enjoy that, too, but if you told me I had to stay home for a week, I’d make a quick run to the market and hunker down happily.

Cozycakes Cottage: Pink Willow teacup

No surprise that I drank a lot of tea during the cold rainy days.  And I wasn’t hyped up on caffeine either because I stuck to naturally decaffeinated tea (patting self on back).  Sip.

This week has flowed much like last week.  No rain, but fairly cool days.  I’ve managed to get my errands done in the morning while Munchie’s in school so that once I pick her up, we’re home for the day.  We sprawl on her bedroom floor and read books aloud,  using different voices for each character.  Shoot foam darts down the hall and make a game of trying to beat Duke to them before he gobbles them up and spits them out.  Take long walks and bake some more, then drop off the fruits of our labor at friends’ homes.

DSC_1125 limoges teacup

We watched an episode of The Waltons.  Munchie thinks they’re related to the Ingalls.  I explained the difference in a sentence or two and she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Let’s call daddy John-Boy!” before darting off to give Duke his daily Dr. Munchie physical exam.

Cozycakes Cottage: Apple Coffee Cake

I’ve cleaned up a little here and there.  I don’t know how there’s anything left to give when I’ve donated items for months.  But I walked in my closet the other day and, in 20 minutes, filled 4 bags to donate.  I suppose that means I need to a) lose a few pounds and b) use restraint when in the stores.  Or just not enter stores.  It’s amazing how quickly the house fills up with things we don’t need.  It’s also pretty amazing how quickly we can tire of the things we just had to have and spent hard-earned money on.  What a waste.

 Cozycakes Cottage: Spoons in mug

The bit of excitement this week (for Munchie at least) is that today is my birthday and we have a couple of dinners to attend late in the week.  I’m pretty sure she lives for holidays.  She celebrates the life outta them.  I love to celebrate other people, but I don’t need a fuss made over me.  And I don’t long for the attention as I did when I was younger.  I’m so thankful for the blessing of each new morning, a chubby little face hovering over me saying, “Goooooood morning, mama!  Rise and shine!”  That’s enough for me.

Cozycakes Cottage: Birthday from Munchie

She woke me early with a card and picture in hand.  I wanted to sleep another half hour or so, but I couldn’t do that to her sweet spirit.  I love how hard she worked on figuring out how to spell birthday.  🙂  She’s growing up.  Before I know it, we’ll be celebrating her next birthday.  As always, Time refuses to slow down.

birthday crown 2014 from munchieMy birthday crown

Well, just wanted to pop in, friends, for a quick visit.  It has certainly been a mellow birthday.  Maybe years ago I would’ve wished for more excitement, but on my 37th birthday I’m so grateful that I woke to my little family, my quiet life.  Content and blessed.  A happy birthday indeed.  ♥

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31 thoughts on “Rain days, birth days

    1. Thank you, Judith! hahaha Blogs Lady! 🙂 We are having a very nice day together. I hope you’re enjoying pleasant weather up there and that spring is headed your way! xoxoxo

  1. I love how you describe your life. Happy Birthday! I agree with you about mellow birthdays. My birthday was last Friday, in the middle of that wonderful rain storm.

    1. Thank you for that note, Canyongirl! Something about the mellow birthday is so appealing, isn’t it? Just enjoying being here…:) A belated Happy Birthday to you! Ahhh, and in the rain–envy! I wish you the best year yet full of many mellow days. 😉

  2. Happy birthday, sounds like you had a wonderful day!
    Enjoy your rainy days with your little angel.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs from Thailand.

    1. Thank you so much, Sue! I had such a relaxing day with my little one. How’s the weather in Thailand right now? Our rain has left, but I’m crossing my fingers that spring brings us a bit more! (or a lot more!) Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! xxx

    1. Hi Sue! I see it here now…sometimes my blog program holds on to the comments until I “approve” them and then it shows up. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Tabs! I hope you’re having a wonderful March with those handsome, sweet boys of yours. xxx

  3. Happy Birthday! You mean the world to me and I’m looking forward to seeing you! You deserve all the blessings you have and YOU are a blessing to all of us! Mwah!!!

    1. Smooch! Can’t wait for everyone to get together! Loved seeing you if only for a quick hug and blurtoutwhateverIcaninfiveminutes session. Love you so! xxx

  4. Happy Birthday. Glad you had a good day. Children sure do know how to enjoy a party and how to celebrate those they love. Blessings on you and your family in the year to come.

    1. Thank you for your sweet note, Debby. I sure did enjoy my relaxing birthday. 🙂 I agree–the little ones have knack for celebrating others and relishing all the beautiful moments. Thank you for your kind sentiments! ~Danielle

  5. Just love you!! Happy Birthday, dear friend who is never far from my heart. I love your days & wish I could come live in Cozycakes Cottage. XXOO!!

    1. I loved seeing a note from you! xoxoxoxo You’re welcome to our home any time! Hoping to see you soon, sweet friend! MWAH! xoxoxo

  6. I enjoyed reading about your birthday and the rainy days you’ve had. We have had some cold days in the 40s here in the Houston area with lots of rain. The coming week looks promising for me to replant some flowers on my patio and tend to my big bougainvillea plant. I love the dark pink color! You may have one in your yard or nearby.

    I have an idea where Mr. Cozycakes gets his spontaneous love of travel. It’s from his grandmother. When I lived near my aunt and uncle I visited them often. My aunt did not drive so my uncle was her driver. When I came to visit she would greet me at the door with purse in hand. She loved to go shopping for something new to wear, or to auctions in the area for an unusual find. She was was always up for an adventure. When her daughter lived in Hawaii she visited many times.

    I love reading your site! Enjoy the new flowers you’ve planted 🙂

    1. Oh you got lots of rain? Envy, such envy! 🙂 I love bougainvillea. Gorgeous. I bet you can’t wait until it is just bursting with fresh flowers.

      haha! This made me smile because I have heard similar stories of your aunt/my husband’s grandma. One of the first times I met her we joined her at a antique mall and she was happy as a clam perusing. Mr. Cozycakes has vivid memories of shopping with her when he was very young as well. 🙂 Boy did she have energy and I agree he must get it from her!

      Thank you for stopping by again, Renee, and for the very kind words. Have a beautiful spring!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Danielle!! I LOVE this blog, I so enjoy coming here to read and renew. You have created a beautiful place here! God bless you and your family!
    Wishing you many more birthdays, good health, and great joy.

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t see this, Dana–thank you so much! I’m so happy you visit my blog and that you enjoy it. 🙂 It’s a fun place for me when you all stop by. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and share. Have a great day! xxx~Danielle

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