Healthier Me: Morning Routine

 Cozycakes Cottage: Summer Morning Routine

Oh hello.  Fancy seeing you here.  When was the last time I posted?  I’m not going to look.  Too long.  We don’t need to linger on bad stuff.

Instead I want to share a new challenge I’m joining for the rest of June.  Yea, late start, but better late and all that.  I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m a big fan of Money Saving Mom’s challenges.  They’re motivational and beneficial to me .  For 2014, Crystal committed to making her health a bigger priority and posts a challenge a month to meet that goal.  Yep, I missed January through May, but I’m diving into June’s challenge.

June’s Challenge: Create a Morning Routine

(or, as I renamed it, Dominate the Morning)

Love, love, love this challenge.  I’m only on day 1 so it’s easy for me to say that.  Talk to me later this week when I want to thwack my phone alarm with a heavy object.  I love sleep.  Big heart love.

Munchie’s school year ended last week, so summer has officially started at Cozycakes Cottage.  Even though we can sleep in a bit now, I don’t want that to become my habit.  I want to rise and shine early.  I want to get things done before Munchie and my husband wake up so that I can spend most of our summer days relaxing.  I’d like to wake up feeling revived and excited to tackle the day.

Wait, let’s not get carried away.  I don’t need to be excited that early in the day.  But I’d like to not want to pull the sheets over my head for another 5 hours.  You know, skip the cranky and sluggish stuff (not that I’m ever cranky or sluggish…) and feel like I’m not behind on household chores and such before the day has really started.

Here’s my morning routine goal:

My Planned Summer Morning Routine

6:00 a.m. — Wake, stretches, prayers, eat a banana (ugh), walk/run with dog

7:00 a.m. — Make coffee or tea, water flowers & plants outside, and do one daily chore (such as a load of laundry, cleaning a bathroom or dusting), eat breakfast, take vitamins, and prep breakfast for family

7:45 a.m. — Breakfast for all, help Munchie get ready for the day, morning chores for Munchie and me (make beds, tidy up rooms, straighten up kitchen, take out trash, switch laundry to dryer, etc.), read together

8:55 a.m. — Leave for activities depending on what day it is (summer camp, etc.)

9:30 — Ready for blogging tasks, volunteer work tasks, and other computer work as well as personal projects

*If it’s a no-camp day then chunks of time between 9:00 and 11:30 are outside play or swim lessons, and lessons at the kitchen table for Munchie (she calls any kind of schooling we do at home “mommy school”)

Not too tough, but let’s see if I hit the sack earlier than I have the last few months.  While the goal wake up time isn’t really different than it is during the school year, I could be lured to sleep in all summer.  Easily lured.  Did I mention that I love sleep?  Sleep is a beautiful thing and I’m super good at it.

I’ll share my progress throughout the month.  If you’d like to join me, please do!  As I always say with these challenges, I love having others pop along for the ride so we can root for each other.  Goooo team!  (insert photo of me jumping up and down like a caffeinated, overage cheerleader).  See you tomorrow! ♥

***What do you like to get accomplished in the morning before you begin work or leave the house?  ***

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5 thoughts on “Healthier Me: Morning Routine

    1. That’s a big deal, exercising before a long day at work. I’m trying to tackle my run or walk first thing so that I don’t make excuses mid-day…as I am wont to do. 😉 And, btw, nice work with the exercising, Marlys!

  1. Exercising first thing is a great idea. Dave and I were swimming first thing in the morning. Then we had a couple weeks of heavy rain so we slacked off. Much more fun to swim than work out in the exercise room! Now we are back in the pool almost every morning. Thanks for the incentive 🙂

    1. Definitely more fun to swim and enjoy the water than be stuck in a room with exercise equipment–I’m with you on that one! Thanks for the note and happy summer! ~Danielle

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