Healthier Me: Morning Routine UPDATE #1


So my progress on my new morning routine plan?  Eh.  Mixed reviews so far, but actually better than I expected after not feeling so great this week.

I wasn’t feeling so hot on Tuesday and Wednesday although I managed to wake before 7 both days.  But I had to skip my run with Duke.  Then I woke at 5:30 Thursday and 6:00 today.  Since I was feeling loads better today,  the morning went well:

  • I did two loads of laundry, wiped down the laundry room, fixed Munchie’s camp lunch, wrote my grocery list and blog to-do list, put away last night’s dishes, had water and coffee, ate half a banana (shudder), watered the plants, got Munchie ready for the day, pulled coupons for my grocery run, sorted through mail/bills, and showered before we headed out at 8:50.  Breakfast this morning was super simple so no prep was necessary.  Love easy breakfast days.

duke with cone
Duke had a vet appointment early this morn so I walked him in the afternoon instead.  He’s wearing a lampshade thingie due to a skin rash/infection that he keeps biting.  I feel so bad for pups when they have to wear the lampshade.  And yet, it makes me giggle a bit when he’s all wonky and does his little “eeerrrrr?” (sounds like Scooby Doo) sound which translates to “helloooooo?  excuse me!  I can’t get around this corner up here, wouldya come move the chair over!”  Ornery thing.

And that’s how it’s going over here.  All in all, given the off week I’m having, I’m slowly making progress with this challenge and I’m even (gasp) going to attempt to keep it up on the weekend.  I know!  Patting self for the attempt.

As a reference, here’s what my planned new morning routine is as I posted on Monday:

My Planned Summer Morning Routine
6:00 a.m. — Wake, stretches, prayers, eat a banana (ugh), walk/run with dog
7:00 a.m. — Make coffee or tea, water flowers & plants outside, and do one daily chore (such as a load of laundry, cleaning a bathroom or dusting), eat breakfast, take vitamins, prep breakfast for family, quick shower
7:45 a.m. — Breakfast for all, help Munchie get ready for the day, morning chores for Munchie and me (make beds, tidy up rooms, straighten up kitchen, take out trash, switch laundry to dryer, etc.), read together
8:55 a.m. — Leave for activities depending on what day it is (summer camp, etc.)
9:30— Ready for blogging tasks, volunteer work tasks, and other computer work as well as personal projects
*If it’s a no-camp day then chunks of time between 9:00 and 11:30 are outside play or swim lessons, and lessons at the kitchen table for Munchie (she calls any kind of schooling we do at home “mommy school”)

I have big plans for Monday morning.  And by big plans, I mean I plan to wake before 6 and knock out everything on my morning goal list.  What’s come over me…  grey signature

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One thought on “Healthier Me: Morning Routine UPDATE #1

  1. Wow! Good luck. I didn’t see your post earlier in the week so have just caught up with your plans.
    I find I have to do my work in the morning otherwise it really doesn’t get done. I’ve just been out with the rubbish and had breakfast. But unfortunately I’m not feeling too good either so I’ll go back to sleep now while the painkillers kick in 🙂

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