Berry Pina Colada Breakfast Smoothie

Berry Pina Colada Breakfast Smoothie | Cozycakes Cottage

Ah, the ever-popular smoothie.  So tasty, so trendy.  Big fan of tasty, not so much trendiness.  However,  despite the trend, there’s no denying smoothies can be a great way to give your barely-awake self a boost of nutrition and energy in the morning.  I’m extra-eager to whip them up lately because my big sis got me a NutriBullet for Christmas.  Oh, the happiness!  Powerful little gadget, that Bullet.  It makes the perfect amount ( 2 large servings) and there’s very little clean up.  Convenience AND healthiness during the weekday morning rush?  Score, a direct hit! (name that 80s movie)

Here’s a smoothie that Munchie loves.  Tis reminiscent of that lovely beachy cocktail, good ol’ piña colada, but I also add berries to up the fruity fresh flavor.  I’m a huge fan of Greek yogurt (I used Chobani 0% today) and there’s always a container of it in my fridge.  That makes it a must-have in our favorite smoothies, including this one.  My smoothies are rarely without chia seeds and ground flax so I added heaping tablespoons of them to this one, too.

Alright, so much talking, so little smoothie-making–go ahead and try this one out and get your day started right!

Berry Pina Colada Breakfast Smoothie

Berry Pina Colada Breakfast Smoothie
Need a healthy boost in the morning? This tasty smoothie is a great way to start the day!
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 2 servings
  • ½ or whole frozen banana, your choice to taste (when my bananas are ripe, I peel and freeze them for smoothies)
  • ½ cup fresh pineapple, cut into chunks
  • ⅓ cup frozen or fresh strawberries
  • ⅓ cup nonfat Greek yogurt (I used Chobani 0%)
  • ½ to ¾ cup coconut milk (I use the Trader Joe's refrigerated carton), adjust according to preferred texture/taste
  • 1 Tbsp. freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 tsp. raw honey
  • 1 Tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1 Tbsp. ground flaxseed
  • 3 tbsp. shredded coconut (add more if you like), plus more to serve/garnish ( I use Trader Joe's sweetened shredded coconut)
  1. Place all ingredients in blender (I use a NutriBullet) in the order listed. Blend until smooth. Top with more shredded coconut and enjoy!

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    1. Hello! I use the Trader Joe’s refrigerated carton of coconut milk and, as noted, the sweetened shredded coconut also from Trader Joe’s. However, unsweetened would work just fine. And if you used canned milk, I’d suggest adjust the amount to your preferred taste and texture. Thanks for stopping by!

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