Fresh & Easy and Sprouts Haul: February 20, 2015

Sprouts and Fresh & Easy Haul | Cozycakes CottageSome of you have heard me whine about my movie editing program and how much it hates me.  So I’ll stop talking about it.  In a minute.

Many videos I made from December through January will never see the light of day (cue the dramatics).  Included in that stash of videos?  My grocery and meal planning series.  Sadness.  But ah well, such is life!  I’m starting over and next week, if my computer program allows it, let the series begin!  Hip hip!

In the meantime, here you have my grocery hauls for the week.  I visited Fresh & Easy and Sprouts.  I spent way too much on way too little at F & E.  But I hit the jackpot at Sprouts so all is well.  No more shopping this week as I’m using up items in my fridge, pantry, and both freezers (the fridge freezer and the garage upright freezer).  Thanks for watching!

**See that little gear button on the bottom right of the screen that appears when you click play?  Click it, choose “quality” and choose “1080 HD” and the clarity will be much better.

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3 thoughts on “Fresh & Easy and Sprouts Haul: February 20, 2015

  1. I’ve missed your videos! Thanks for sharing. I always learn something new when watching these. It seems like you really enjoy grocery shopping while it stresses me out (I speed in and out, forget things that aren’t on my list, and am sweating the whole time)! lol.

    1. Aw thanks for always taking time to watch when you can, Abs! I DO enjoy grocery shopping when I’m not crunched for time. Otherwise, I forget half the things I went in for. 🙂

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