What I Ate Today | February 2014

A lovely blog & You Tube subscriber requested I share a full day of what I eat since so much of what I post is food-related.  I have a grocery/meal planning series coming up soon so I thought it was a great idea and it sounded easy enough. I also thought it’d be a way to check in on my eating habits.  Seeing the good, the bad, the ugly right there on film.  Yikes.  Taking accountability for the not-so-good choices, encouraging me to keep up the good ones.  I’ll admit I was hesitant to share a full day of what goes in my belly.  Yes, I feared judgement.  But then I reminded myself that, well, who cares?

So yesterday I did document everything I ate (aside from all the water I drink throughout the day).  It’s a fairly typical day of eating for me minus the treat out with Munchie.  That occurs about once a month.  Here are some snapshots of the day and please do watch the video down below, too.


What I Ate Today | Cozycakes CottageBefore dropping Munchie off at school, I had a quick cup of coffee with a splash of half and half (no added sweetener…sigh) and half an overly ripe banana.  To give me a little fuel (and to prevent that poor banana from going to waste).  I also had a large glass of water right after I woke up.

What I Ate Today | Cozycakes CottageAt about 8:30 I had this simple egg scramble which is a handful of spinach sauteed in olive oil (or grapeseed oil–I can’t remember what I grabbed) with 2 eggs, a pinch of kosher salt, topped with half an avocado, and a bit of freshly ground black pepper.  This is filling enough for me until I’m ready for a pre-lunch snack.


What I Ate Today | Cozycakes Cottage After running a couple of errands, I had a quick snack before heading out again.  I love Greek yogurt and picked up a bunch of these by The Epic Seed on Monday.  It’s filled with fiber and only 150 calories.  Lots of good stuff going on in that little container.  I’m also a fan of chia seed so this is right up my snack alley.  🙂  This is the blackberry flavor which I had along with a La Croix sparkling water in cherry lime flavor.  I really wanted to add Torani cherry lime syrup to it.  Because…sugar.  These are really nice though–don’t let my desire for sugar sway you from enjoying these.  If you’re looking to try them, you can find 8 packs for under $5 at Sprouts.  They’re sugar-free, sodium-free, and contain no artificial sweeteners.  Nice.


What I Ate Today | Cozycakes CottageI used leftovers from Monday to make myself a quick lunch.  I baked up pita chips topped with hummus, black olives, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.  I love pepperoncinis so I added some sliced ones to my plate as well as half of an organic Fuji apple.  I really enjoyed this lunch and will do it again soon.

Afternoon treat

What I Ate Today | Cozycakes CottageWhen I picked up Munchie from school, I decided to treat her to frozen yogurt.  Sometimes you just need to indulge.  I got the cafe latte and fruit punch sorbet flavors topped with mochi (mmmmmm) and a few sweet n’ tart chewy candies (I don’t know what they are, but they are so darn good).


What I Ate Today |Cozycakes CottagePlease excuse the unappetizing meal shot.  As I say in the video, real life happening over here.  😉  This is Mississippi Pot Roast (you can find the recipe here) with red potatoes, baby carrots, and broccoli (not pictured).  I topped it all with some of the gravy the roasts makes as it cooks away in the slow cooker.  Comforting and very filling.  I definitely could’ve/should’ve been done with food for the day at this point, but…

Evening Snack

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI felt low on fruits for the day so I polished off the rest of the Fuji apple and a few strawberries.  I also enjoyed a large cup of decaffeinated Lady Earl Grey tea.  Then I should’ve been done with food for the day…here we go again…

Evening Snack (Again)

What I Ate Today | Cozycakes CottageI was cleaning up the kitchen and found these in the cupboard.  Oh darn.  So I had to have one.  I applaud myself for not having 5.  They’re from Trader Joe’s and they’re currently my favorite sweet treat.  Big thumbs up.

That concludes my day of eating.  I’d guess I had 6 large glasses of water (with lemon slices) throughout the day as well.

Thanks so much for taking a peek at my What I Ate Today post and video.  Stay tuned for next week when I begin my grocery and meal planning series.  Any questions?  Please do leave them below or over on my You Tube channel.  Until next time…♥

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