Sprouts & Whole Foods Hauls

thumbnail 81015 sprouts whole foodsHi guys!  We returned from a lazy vacation just a few days ago and I feel so relaxed.  Could be because I lounged the entire time.  But I’m exhausted from watching Munchie run around like the Energizer bunny.  Exhausted from watching the action.  She and my husband did a lot of skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.  I tubed with Munchie a few times, but that girl can go and go and go.  She gets that from her daddy.  Whereas my brain says, “Lake vacay?  Give me a book, a snack, and some sunscreen and let me chiiiiill….More snacks please.”  Good stuff.

I’m feeling like we all need a good vacation detox which means lots of clean eating after too much ice cream and snacks. 😉  This week I hit up Sprouts and Whole Foods for our meals.  Next week I’ll probably stop by Costco because I haven’t been in months.  I’ll give you a peek at that haul when it happens.  Thanks for watching and see ya soon! ♥

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3 thoughts on “Sprouts & Whole Foods Hauls

  1. D, I thought I was pretty decent about buying fruits and veggies, but I’ve never bought half of your veggies! Can’t wait to see what you use them for 🙂 #inspired

    1. Probably because we eat more than you guys! 🙂 Oink! Half of them are gone already and I need to go back for more veggies. Ugh. Love ya, girl! xxx

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