Hi all!  I’m Danielle and I’d like to welcome you to Cozycakes Cottage where I’m sharing my life through cooking and baking, crafting, and stay-at-home mommy-hood. I’m tracking my own growth here when it comes to being a mom, wife, and household manager to continually nurture the cozy life in our home.  I believe in celebrating every season of our lives and that means taking time to enjoy the little things: Running through the sprinklers with my little girl, comfy date nights at home with my husband, taking my sweet pup for long walks, baking up treats for an unannounced guest–That’s the good stuff and it’s all those little things that make up my Cozycakes life.  I intend to give it my best shot at embracing it all and I hope you’ll pop by again soon to check out what’s happening at our cottage in the suburbs.  Thanks for stopping by! ♥ ~Danielle

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  1. What wonderful accomplishments on your blog, as I have read above!!! I need to visit your blog more often. I’m sure you know how it is raising a toddler who is not in preschool yet though (very little time for oneself). Emma will be attending preschool at the end of August, so I hope to have more time to do things for myself. This will allow me to visit your blog more often. However, from what I have read on your blog, you are such an accomplished, organized and involved mommy and wife. Great job, Danielle!!!

    1. You’re so sweet Angie! (and you’re too kind..really)I’ve missed you! 🙂 I bet Emma is so big now. What is her preschool schedule like? My girl loved it and she only went 2 days a week for 3.5 hours. 🙂 Glad to “see” you and hope you have a lovely summer!

  2. Thanks for checking out my recent recipes and following my blog! Definitely can’t wait to check out your recipes from an experienced blogger!!


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