Healthier Me: Morning Routine UPDATE #1


So my progress on my new morning routine plan?  Eh.  Mixed reviews so far, but actually better than I expected after not feeling so great this week.

I wasn’t feeling so hot on Tuesday and Wednesday although I managed to wake before 7 both days.  But I had to skip my run with Duke.  Then I woke at 5:30 Thursday and 6:00 today.  Since I was feeling loads better today,  the morning went well:

  • I did two loads of laundry, wiped down the laundry room, fixed Munchie’s camp lunch, wrote my grocery list and blog to-do list, put away last night’s dishes, had water and coffee, ate half a banana (shudder), watered the plants, got Munchie ready for the day, pulled coupons for my grocery run, sorted through mail/bills, and showered before we headed out at 8:50.  Breakfast this morning was super simple so no prep was necessary.  Love easy breakfast days.

duke with cone
Duke had a vet appointment early this morn so I walked him in the afternoon instead.  He’s wearing a lampshade thingie due to a skin rash/infection that he keeps biting.  I feel so bad for pups when they have to wear the lampshade.  And yet, it makes me giggle a bit when he’s all wonky and does his little “eeerrrrr?” (sounds like Scooby Doo) sound which translates to “helloooooo?  excuse me!  I can’t get around this corner up here, wouldya come move the chair over!”  Ornery thing.

And that’s how it’s going over here.  All in all, given the off week I’m having, I’m slowly making progress with this challenge and I’m even (gasp) going to attempt to keep it up on the weekend.  I know!  Patting self for the attempt.

As a reference, here’s what my planned new morning routine is as I posted on Monday:

My Planned Summer Morning Routine
6:00 a.m. — Wake, stretches, prayers, eat a banana (ugh), walk/run with dog
7:00 a.m. — Make coffee or tea, water flowers & plants outside, and do one daily chore (such as a load of laundry, cleaning a bathroom or dusting), eat breakfast, take vitamins, prep breakfast for family, quick shower
7:45 a.m. — Breakfast for all, help Munchie get ready for the day, morning chores for Munchie and me (make beds, tidy up rooms, straighten up kitchen, take out trash, switch laundry to dryer, etc.), read together
8:55 a.m. — Leave for activities depending on what day it is (summer camp, etc.)
9:30 — Ready for blogging tasks, volunteer work tasks, and other computer work as well as personal projects
*If it’s a no-camp day then chunks of time between 9:00 and 11:30 are outside play or swim lessons, and lessons at the kitchen table for Munchie (she calls any kind of schooling we do at home “mommy school”)

I have big plans for Monday morning.  And by big plans, I mean I plan to wake before 6 and knock out everything on my morning goal list.  What’s come over me…  grey signature

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Our Menu (Week of August 19, 2012)

No, you didn’t wake from a long slumber only to discover it’s Thanksgiving.  :)  My parents were visiting and we craved, desired, needed a turkey dinner.  And turkey we had!  That led to great leftovers of course and turkey noodle soup…a favorite around these parts.

I took a menu planning break for a few weeks and thought I’d have a plan by Monday night.  Um.

So here’s our menu plan for the week.  Although I’m looking forward to the autumn months, I’m a bit down about the end of delicious fruit and veggies.  Don’t go, dear vegs and fruits!  Stay a bit longer!  I’ve no control, unfortunately, over the end of such food bliss, so we’re filling our bellies up with the dwindling supply this week.

 Here’s what we’re having this week.  I’m going to test some new fall recipes…yay!


Note: I often eat a different breakfast than the ones listed.  For example, lately I eat a bit of Greek yogurt with fresh berries, peaches, ground flaxseed, wheat germ, almondmilk, and a few other ingredients.  It fills me up and is incredibly nutritious.  Just thought I’d share!

  • Cereal, strawberries
  • Sausage and egg cups, mango & strawberries
  • Oatmeal with dried cherries & bananas x 2
  • Mom’s Muffin Doughnuts (by Gooseberry Patch), white nectarines, orange-pineapple juice Continue reading

Our Menu (Week of July 29, 2012)

I want to have fun this week.  Good ol’ fashioned summer fun.  Plus, I need to watch the Olympics.   That means our menu will be as quick and easy as possible so I can focus on making memories with my little Munchie.  :) 

 Here’s what we’re having this week. 


  • Cereal, blueberries, and juice
  • Whole wheat toast, Greek yogurt with blueberry puree, watermelon
  • Green monster smoothies, French toast strips, o.j.
  • Ham and egg mini bakes, oj., fruit
  • Blackberry jam cake, fruit salad, milk
  • Oatmeal with dried cherries & bananas x 2

Green monster smoothie


  • Chicken salad sandwiches, watermelon, cucumber salad
  • PB and homemade jam sandwiches, fruit salad
  • Patty melts, peaches, smoothies
  • Zucchini patties, watermelon & berries
  • Lunch out
  • Leftovers plus fruit x 2


  • Turkey veggie goulash, honey cornbread
  • Garlic chicken peanut stir-fry, rice, sauteed garlic spinach
  • Black bean burgers w/avocado spread, tossed salad, roasted zucchini/mushroom/squash
  • Slow cooker cranberry chicken, brown rice, sauteed broccoli, glazed carrots
  • Mini mac n’ cheese pies, homemade applesauce, baked mashed potatoes, roasted zucchini
  • Leftovers Night x 2

Snacks, Desserts, & Fun Extras

  • Summer fruit including lots of watermelon
  • Carrots, cucumbers, celery, and dip
  • Graham crackers and p.b., string cheese, popcorn
  • Banana pudding

Freezer Cooking & DIY Session:  I don’t do a traditional once-a-month session, but generally choose 2 or 3 recipes. 

  • Skipping the freezer cooking
  • Lemon curd (didn’t get to it last week)
  • Something to put the lemon curd on. :)

*For great menu ideas and plans, stop by Menu Plan Monday over at OrgJunkie and On the Menu Monday at Stone Gable.

Our Menu (Week of July 22, 2012)

Summer fruit love

Why hello there!  I took a couple of weeks off from menu plans due to vacation (yay!) and, uh, laziness.  But I missed having a menu plan last week.  Because when you’re feeling lazy?  That’s when you could really use the plan!  (I’m shouting at myself.)  It just makes meal times easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl!

Sorry. Continue reading

My Gotta Tries: What Should Be On Our Menu

Happy 4th of July!  Hope you’re relaxing and beating the heat!

I don’t have a menu plan this week.  What?  I know, how odd.  But I’m headed to London to train for the Olympics.  Yes, I’ll be in the 2012 Summer Olympics.  And One Moment in Time better be blasting when I win the gold for my uneven bars routine.

I’m not headed to the Olympics.  But that’d be a great excuse for not accomplishing a lot of things lately (blogging, deep cleaning the house, organizing the garage, etc.).  Instead, I sat on my buns and watched too much of the Olympic trials.  I kind of feel more athletic and lean just from watching all that sportiness.

My future Olympian.

Since I’m not sharing a menu this week, here’s a plethora (I just wanted to say pleeeeh-thor-aaaaa: name that movie!) of recipes I plan to make this summer.  These caught my hungry eye and I’ll test them out all summer long.

I’ll eat and watch the Olympics.  Totally a sport.


Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie from Fudge Banana Swirl

Source: Fudge Banana Swirl 

I’ve made a lot of smoothies in my time and even some with oatmeal, but this one from Fudge Banana Swirl just sounds extra yummy.  Continue reading

Our Menu (Week of June 24, 2012)

Poor, poor, neglected blog.  Last week I had too good a time enjoying summer and didn’t give this little blog the love and attention it deserves.  But this week I’ll be back in the saddle and hope you’ll stick around to see what I have up my blogging sleeve. :)

Since Munchie really liked learning about France we’ve decided to continue exploring that lovely country for our “learning about our world” activities (as noted in our 102 Things To Do This Summer List).  So I’ll also keep France a part of our menu plan just as it was last week.  :)  I’ll also be sharing a few recipes from this menu plan.  Are you interested?


Here’s what we’re having this week.  Bon Appetit!


  • Berry crepes, melon, o.j.
  • Pain au chocolat, melon & berries, French hot chocolate
  • Cereal, banana, juice Continue reading

Our Menu (Week of June 17, 2012)

Where I’ll be dining this week.  Ahahahahahaaaaaaaa!……….sob.

Hi all!  I forgot to brainstorm this week’s menu.  But I’ve been thinking about some delicious looking desserts I saw online this past week.  Which I must ignore.  Ignore.

This week we’re doing a bit of “learning about our world” as noted in our 102 Things To Do This Summer List so I’m incorporating a bit of France into the plan.  :)  If you know me, it’s no surprise that I chose France for our 1st “trip”.  I love America, but I have a “thing” for France.  My choices or outcomes might not be terribly authentic, but I’m giving it a shot.  Munchie is excited and asked if we will go to Africa and North Carolina (??? no idea where those came from).

So here we go…planning as I type.  Here’s what we’re having this week:


  • Blueberry coffee cake, strawberries, juice x 2
  • Stuffed breakfast biscuits, blueberries, pineapple juice
  • Soft-boiled eggs, toast strips, ham slices, o.j./tea Continue reading

Our Menu (Week of June 10, 2012)

Whew, it was a bit of a crazy week with the last week of preschool and other activities.  I’m looking forward to a week of summer fun with my Munchie.  Some of that fun will be had in the kitchen together.  :)

Here’s what’s on our menu this week: