Spring in winter & drought

Apple blossoms

I spent a lot of time outside these past couple days.  Clipping back bushes and shrubs.  Clearing flower patches of fallen leaves and opportunistic weeds.  Planting flowers in the ground and little pots for the front porch.

Munchie dug in and helped me.  She has been eager to put together a gnome garden Santa brought her.  So she pulled weeds and then got to work painting her gnome garden container.

I’m not planting cilantro this year.  I don’t know what happened, but it didn’t do well last year.  It just drooped on me and died.  But basil does well in a container and my transplanted rosemary bush is happy in its spot in the ground.  It’ll take over the flower patch if I’m not careful.  I’ll  harvest it often and hope my family doesn’t tire of rosemary-infused dishes.

Sweet peas in hand

Despite living in a large country with many climates, I’m still amazed that I’m planting flowers and found buds on my hydrangea bushes Saturday.  Meanwhile, friends a few states away are hunkered down inside homes covered in snow.  That snow doesn’t seem like it has plans to leave soon.

So here we are on the west coast, staring a severe drought in the face and there they are pleading with the snow to go away already.

Basil in pot

Look how happy this hibiscus is…in winter.  My husband planted that pink gal a few years ago.  I didn’t think I liked hibiscus at the time and pretty much ignored it.  How rude, huh?  But it showed me and is about as tall as I am.  It’s growing on me.  Munchie likes to put them in her beautiful hair so I’ll keep it.


I have guilt watering my few plants when the state is facing the “worst drought on record.”  Honestly, that gives me some anxiety.  Each day I read another article about the farmers (thank you, farmers), the impact the drought has on food, jobs, and health (water contamination is even a risk for some communities).  It impacts the nation.  Did you know California’s Central Valley is the producer of half of America’s fruits, vegetables, and nuts?  Half.

Let it rain.

It’s not good that the flow of water from the northern part of California to the south is being cut off.  Yikes.  Of course, the discussion turns political, inevitably, but I’m sitting here thinking on a very basic level:

We need water.  All of us.

Johnny Jump Ups

A lot of our plants are drought resistant so that’s a plus.  Reading all the articles covering the drought and the titanic issues farmers face bring to mind So God Made a Farmer and Paul Harvey.  You can hear it/him in this commercial that aired during last year’s Super Bowl.  It sticks with you.  At least, it did me.

I do thank God for the farmers.

Duke Munchie Hands

Did you do rain dances as a kid?  I did.  I was a lover of rain even as a very little girl.  But today I’d do that dance out of necessity instead of my personal wants.  I’ll take care to use as little water as possible in the home and yard while teaching Munchie about conservation and waste.  Try to be a good example for her.   After all, it’s the little ones today who will suffer the most tomorrow.

That’s a lot of pressure on us, isn’t it?

Munchie Sunglasses

But they’re worth it.

I caught myself wasting water this morning.  Very disappointed in myself.  It’s amazing how much we waste when you pay attention around the house.  Munchie pointed out my offense with a squeal and a finger point when I had the sink running.  She’s catching on.

What can we do, but do our part even if it seems so trivial, so small.  Every effort counts.  That’s what I’m trying to teach my girlie so I better believe it myself.  We’ll spend more time this weekend fussing around the yard and creating our small haven at home.

2 thoughts on “Spring in winter & drought

  1. I have just recently read about your drought! Sounds like if the rains don’t come soon you’re going to have to think of a new approach to living.

    We’ve had enough rain in Northern England this winter but here on the Eastern side of the country it only takes a hot summer for us to go into mild drought. Of course, it’s the farmers who suffer the most – I don’t even have a hosepipe, so the ban on that wouldn’t affect me.. And my car can live without a wash 🙂

    1. We are due rain on Thursday through Sunday! Hurray! Now, let’s see if the whole state gets it. I’ve read about flooding and rain, rain, rain where are you. So I hope that you’re not in those areas of flooding. Eager to see what pops up in your garden soon! 🙂

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