Munchie Eats: Kindergarten Lunches & Snacks | Sept. 15- 19

Kindergarten Lunches and Snacks cover pm clouds

After chatting with friends about what we include in our little ones’ lunches, I decided to videotape Munchie’s lunches this week.  We all pack such different things so it’s always nice for me to see what others do, get some ideas, bump me out of a lunch-packing rut.  This is the first year I’ve had to pack lunches and I’m enjoying it, but as the year progresses, I know I’ll have days when I’m tired of the early morning packing session.  😉

♥ I always include the main item (such as a sandwich), a fruit, and a 3rd item.  She knows she has the option of skipping the 3rd item which is usually a crunchy snack and sometimes a treat.  She is eager to play so I pack just what I know she’ll finish.

♥ Munchie is a good eater and eats any veggies or fruit I give her.  However, she does not enjoy RAW veggies yet (aside from salad) so I’ll soon begin including raw veggies as well, but I’m easing into that.

♥ I also pack a small morning recess snack for her.

Until October, kindergarten is only half day and Munchie comes home around noon.  So she has a second small lunch at home in the early afternoon as well.  I’ll adjust her school snacks and lunch accordingly when full day kinder begins.  See the lunch video below!

What do your kiddos enjoy for lunch?

***See that little gear button on the bottom right of the screen that appears when you click play?  Click it, choose “quality” and choose “1080 HD” and the clarity will be much better for ya.

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13 thoughts on “Munchie Eats: Kindergarten Lunches & Snacks | Sept. 15- 19

    1. What. I didn’t even think of the day when I am banned from note-making. wah. 😉 Thank YOU for your ideas which I’ll be trying asap! xoxo

  1. These are fun and nutritious lunches!! And the notes are perfect. Many time I put notes in Dave’s lunches. He loved them, too 🙂

    1. I loved when I’d get a little something special like a note in my lunches, too. I still have some of them. 🙂 I sometimes put one in my husband’s lunch–ha! 🙂

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