Spend the Day with Me: This n’ That, Tea Peek, and Munchie & I Work Out | Sept. 24, 2014

Snapshot DITL 92414 (9-25-2014 6-55 AM)

Another day, another day in the life video.  🙂  This one comes complete with unflattering workout footage.  You’re welcome.  Also, I show a bit of my fridge organization and give you a peek into my tea stockpile.  Thanks for watching, friends! ♥

***See that little gear button on the bottom right of the screen that appears when you click play?  Click it, choose “quality” and choose “1080 HD” and the clarity will be much better for ya.

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2 thoughts on “Spend the Day with Me: This n’ That, Tea Peek, and Munchie & I Work Out | Sept. 24, 2014

  1. I am really loving these videos! I am so impressed with your kitchen and pantry organization. The refrigerator….those bins must make cleaning the fridge a snap! That’s a very disliked task here. Love Duke checking on you to make sure you were exercising properly! Learned so much and have gotten many ideas so far/ Keep them coming!<3

    1. Thank you so much for watching, Judith! Those bins do help a lot and make it so easy for my girlie to get a snack when she wants something other than fruit. HAHA, Duke has to have his nose in everything. 🙂 I’m enjoying making this videos so I’m SUPER happy you’re liking them! xoxox

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