DITL|Nov. 25, 2014: Goodbye to Tuesday Morning & Munchie Helps Me Shop

DITL 11 25 14 thumbnailI’m a bit late in posting this Day in the Life (DITL) video from a few days ago, but what the heck, here it is.  I’m debating posting all my DITL videos on the blog.  I’m not sure if those who read here are also interested in my videos on YouTube.  But again, what the heck, I’ll post them for now.  I’ll also post a link to a previous DITL below this video if you’d like to take a peek at it, too.

Also, I’m excited to begin my December vlog series, Vlogmas, in just 2 days!  I’m ready to get the Christmas spirit flowing (well, I’d say it’s actually already flowing in our home!) and I’ll be vlogging from December 1 until Christmas.  Tis the season!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

And here is a previous Day in the Life video I never posted here on the blog…

***See that little gear button on the bottom right of the screen that appears when you click play?  Click it, choose “quality” and choose “1080 HD” and the clarity will be much better for ya.

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8 thoughts on “DITL|Nov. 25, 2014: Goodbye to Tuesday Morning & Munchie Helps Me Shop

  1. Lol! So funny(because of Lise.. She is sooo cute)…. Miss you all so much! <3
    Bye, Tuesday morning!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing, Danielle!!!!

    1. Hahaha! Thank goodness you told me it was closing or I may have gone too late! Love you, sweet friend! <3 Thank you for watching, Dohee!

  2. I really enjoyed the shopping trips with Munchie. I love all the blogs! I was so excited and proud to hear Munchie read, and so nicely too! Wow-she’s a great reader! I have gotten so lazy and bored with shopping and food prep/cooking. I would enjoy some new ideas and and I’d love the price comparisons. Milk and bread trips that were $25-$30 are now $40-$45. After a $119.00 trip today, I need some new ideas. I’m hemmed in with a type II diabetic and low in cholesterol, but we’re eating to fit the budget and I know we’re eating bad. Help! The closest organic stores are in Annapolis, 45 minutes away, so I shop at Giant. I will watch if you will blog!! Enjoy the month and the holidays! Blog Blog Blog! <3 J

  3. Just finish watching the rest of the videos. Enjoyed Trader Joes. There’s one in Annapolis. I really need to go up there, or go when I’m in Richmond with the girls. I found some Pumpkin flavored pasta sauce in Giant today. Why? I can’t imagine what that would taste like! The tortillini soup looked delicious. I want to try that. The little buns your Mom made for you… OMG, how do we order those?? Looking forward to more… J

  4. Such cute videos. I enjoyed watching you and Munchie go shopping. I’m in upstate NY and it’s interesting to see the stores there in CA. Wishing you and Munchie and your family a lovely Holiday season ! xxxx

    1. Hi Sherrie! Thank you so much for watching! I also love to see various stores in different areas. A peek into someone else’s world. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful season, too!

  5. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch this one, but I LOOOOVED Lise’s performance toward the end!!! Cutie pie! Love watching your days 😉

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