Trader Joe’s Haul: March 4, 2015

thumbnail tjs haul 3 4 15I think I’ve solved most of my movie editing issues and computer problems!  Much excitement, lots of patting myself on the back.  Ahh, relief.

Now back to it!  Here’s my one grocery trip of the past week.  I hit up my tried and true Trader Joe’s and while I was a teeny bit panicked when some items I wanted/needed were still not in stock due to the dock strikes, I calmed down because…is it really that big a deal if I can’t get my coconut oil and mango bites?  Perspective, Danielle!

I’m still sticking to using up more of the food stock I’ve on hand–it feels awesome to get the pantry and freezers cleaned out.  For the week ahead, I’ve plans to pop into to Trader Joe’s for just a couple of things and then finish up grocery shopping at Sprouts or my little local market for fresh vegetables and fruit.  See you soon and thanks for watching!

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